Product Fiche

Due to original Ardelt double jib level luffing principle, the Tukan is the most efficient slewing crane for harbors and yards.



Tukan Kangroo
The Tukan K with integrated hopper is ideal equipment for bulk handling.
This crane achieves its top-level handling performance in the so-called "kangaroo" operation.



Kondor is the most modern classics in our series of double jib level luffing cranes with pillar column. Especially easy transportation, economic handling and maintenance turn these cranes into ideal equipment for bulk cargo handling.



The Adler is the most innovative mobile harbor crane. It is the synthesis of double jib and moving high gantry.



The Kranich is a jib crane and thus a light weight crane. This makes it most valuable under difficult conditions as in older quay facilities and crane runways of light construction design.



Due to the unique deadweight equilibration by a movable counterweight, the hydraulic-driven Pelikan is more economic and more durable than an excavator and also faster than a conventional rope type slewing crane.